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This Wiki is for people who want to write their own stories and share them!

Write Any StoryEdit

On this Wiki, you can add any story you want! It doesn't matter if it is a fandom for a book or movie, as long as the book or movie (and author of book, if any) is recognized on the page with a link to it's fandom page.

Requirements Edit

There are a few requirements that will be needed for a story to be published. If one of these is missing, an administrator will add it in or notify you that it is required.

Each page must have-

  1. Infobox - An infobox is required. Shown right
  2. Author - Add the author's name
  3. Title - Add a title

Each chapter must have-

  1. 100+ words
  2. A heading/subheading

The book must have-

  1. 3+ chapters
  2. 300+ words
  3. A title

Add more chapters as you go, or submit a full story.

To Get You Started Edit

Here are some ideas to get you started on your story

  1. Animals
  2. People
  3. School
  4. Games
  5. Movies
  6. Books

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